Think Negative Thoughts

Jennah Ramsden: Photographer/Assistant/Retoucher/Cynic
Images I admire, photographs I take and observations I make.
The title of my blog is meant to be a pun relating to photographic film. In hindsight, it tars me as a bit of a misanthropic downer. There's nothing like a good pun to show your playful side.

Here are the first of hopefully many photos that I will take while I’m living in Vietnam for the next year. I’m staying in Da Nang, which is a beautiful beach town in central Vietnam that hasn’t been sullied by tourists. On Monday we took our motorbikes to the world heritage site of Hoi An (a 30 min drive) and I snapped some shots. While we were there, the heavens opened and we were caught in a crazy flash flood that left us biking through water up to our ankles (while on the bike). It was such an incredible day and I can’t wait to go back.

Jack wrote a hilarious blog post that puts it into words far better than I can: